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Emeka Wajed

Emeka Wajed aka ‘Made by Mek’

I feel as if I am a Strong visual artist because I am always willing to learn and will always grow as an artist. I challenge myself with every piece that I make.

I think of art as being a puzzle and it isn’t complete without some problem solving throughout the production. I attended the New York State Summer School of The Arts program on SUNY Fredonia’s campus in the summer of 2019 and went out of my comfort zone as an artist and it opened many doors. Meeting and learning from artists better than me, who have had years of experience, for the first time; I began to create things I never imagined I could before.

I would like to experience this feeling again in college where I know I will be in the ideal creative environment to be the most productive I can be. I feel as if I have mastered my artistry through versatility, being able to enjoy many different mediums and create mixed media in the process. When creating I feel free of any stress where I can work hours on end getting lost in time, 8 hours is a great painting session for me. I own an entrepreneurial business where I take commissions for customized sneakers and paintings.

My biggest accomplishment in this regard is the fact that I have been able to work with amazing people through my community and i wish to expand this business farther than Buffalo. I have had the pleasure of working with multiple NFL players to create custom cleats on seemingly impossible deadlines but I always get the work done and it is always fun to challenge my work ethic. I have received recognition For my artistry through outlets such as Young N Fokus’d, Buffalo news, Spectrum news, NFL teams instagram pages, and had my first solo art exhibit at the age of 16 in 2020.

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Watch how Emeka Wajed, a former Park School of Buffalo student, embraces the school “learning by doing” philosophy.


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