Free and Unlimited

“I am free and unlimited in
my ability to live my personal
legend and create my story as
magical as it gets. I trust my
uniqueness and my brilliance.”
~ Lukas Notes


What is Eat Off Art?

Eat Off Art is sharing and expressing your creativity and whatever feeds you, fills you and fuels you. You can be an entrepreneur, working full time, a full time parent or a student.

Eat Off art is how you provide for yourself and your family financially.

Eat Off art is how you replenish and restore yourself and find balance – through any chore, task, vocation or hobby.

Eat Off Art is also simply sustenance off of observation and appreciating art, beauty and feeding yourself off of that.

Eat Off Art is what are you taking in!

Eat Off Art is changing the narrative from a starving artist to a thriving artist

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