August 2020, Eat Off Art and Step Out Buffalo collaborated creatively to create a message specific design that highlighted Buffalo at its best, with proceeds directly supporting The International Institute of Buffalo. We first settled on a slogan, which later inspired a design and graphic which read as “Bflo Wins.” The slogan spoke broadly to the hopes and wishes of a majority of the Queen’s city’s residents, in most regards, which has even been passed on generationally. When Buffalo truly comes together, across the region on one accord, whether it be through charity, sports or helping one another through crisis, that’s when Buffalo wins. Despite the many challenges and blights that mar the city, quite embarrassingly handled by “leaders” in most recently incidents on the national stage – it is the most passionate and compassionate of Buffalonians who do the meaningful, humanitarian work that are the real Champions of the City.
With tragedy striking more often that desired in Buffalo as of late, this design is a call for the best of us to join as a united front in order to dream and manifest an improved, equitable and burgeoning town, not just for the few and privileged, but for all.

Lastly, for all of the devoted sports fans, whether hockey, football of lacrosse, “Bflo Wins” is all that everyone wants to hear. Get yours today! A Super Bowl win this year is the closest it’s been in decades and generations, yet despite the outcome, the design, chant and slogan represents the gritty attitude and optimism that is rabidly displayed by Buffalonians for a lifetime.

Peace, Edreys and Alexa for Eat Off Art.

ABOVE IMAGE: An explanation of the design and its intent via Step Out Buffalo

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